At RIOT, we think differently about how wireless networks are built, owned and operated.

We develop network technologies that enable households and small businesses to deploy and operate broadband infrastructure in their own neighbourhoods.

It’s become too expensive for ISPs to rollout traditional networks in low income areas, creating a big accessibility gap.
of the global population is covered by broadband wireless
of the population can’t afford to access it*

*Internet access is affordable when at least 20GB of data costs less than 2% of the gross national income per capita.

Introducing our
User Operated Network Infrastructure (UONI)
CROWDNet distills all the elements of a last-mile network into an easy-to-install device called a Core Node.
Core Nodes automatically link with each other to form a mesh network that extends coverage across a neighbourhood. Users can then access internet services by connecting to a Core Node using a regular mobile WiFi device or fixed WiFi router.
RIOT’s CROWDNet devices expand coverage and capacity of incumbent network infrastructure. Several CROWDNet devices share bandwidths and cost of a common subscriber line (or SIM) to improve affordability.
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